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It takes just a few minutes to change a woman's life forever!

You have the power to empower. Donate an hour of your pay today and set a woman on her path to success.


You can make a real contribution to the lives of thousands of Australian women.  BE BOLD and stand with Dress for Success – help us empower women to achieve economic independence by donating an hour of your pay today.


While a fabulous suit, a gorgeous pair of shoes and a shiny handbag helps  boost the confidence of a woman, it takes much more to empower and upskill her to thrive in work and life.  That’s why Dress for Success provides outstanding opportunities for our clients to engage and participate in:

  • Coaching sessions

  • Peer Mentoring Networks

  • Career development workshops

  • Job interview and resume writing tips

  • Styling session and job interview suit

  • Mock interviews

Your donation today is so important. YOU are helping us to  give thousands of women across Australia the confidence to get back on their feet and into the workforce.





  1. Visit empowerhour.org.au

  2. Donate an hour of your pay

  3. Share your support with your networks and  encourage others to BE BOLD  and empower women to achieve success and independence



  • Donate an hour of your pay today

  • Become an Empower Hour Ambassador 2018

  • Hold an Empower Hour/International Women’s Day event to raise funds to support the work of  Dress for Success in 2018




*An easy way to calculate your hourly rate is to take your annual salary and divide that by 2,000! So, if you earn $80,000/year, divide that by 2,000 and your hourly rate is $40/hour.*


All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

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